This mutual aid model is adapted to the resources and needs present in our community, and it continues to change as these things change. This guide offers an example, not a rulebook. It's up to you to figure out what's appropriate for your community and to work with what's available. We started with one table!

Power Up Starter Guide

Get to Know your Community 
Organize a few friends and talk to people in the area to see what the needs are.

A consistent time and place.

Tables, Chairs, Shaded Area or Canopy, Signs, Trash bags, Cleaning Materials

Charging Table
Make sure that everyone  is using the same system to keep track of devices. Here is the sheet we use   

Portable power station with multiple charging ports (we like EcoFlow), power strips/surge protectors, charging cables (USB-C and Micro-USB most common), wall chargers, paper tracking sheet, pens, markers, small bins, masking tape to identify items, claim tickets (e.g. raffle tickets)

 Harm Reduction/PPE   
Offer harm reduction discreetly.
“Do you know of anyone who could use these items?”
Narcan, Sharps Containers, Clean Kits, Hygiene Kits, Masks, Tampons, Pads
We partner with LA Community Health Project 

Delicious, nutritious with variety — ask folks what they like!    
  Soft snacks (sensitive teeth), fresh fruit, cold water when it’s hot, warm beverages when it’s cold.

Folded nicely on table or on hangers on a clothing rack.
Clean, larger sizes, practical, socks, shoes

Share resources and information. Political Education is very important, without this key component, your efforts run the risk of doing the city’s job. Let folks know who you are, why you are fighting for liberation for all, and inspire them to get involved!

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